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Mazda MX-5 1.8i Sport

MX-5 1.8i Sport
1999 T
In Stock

Finished in Classic red with a black full leather interior, this specification MX5 is the Holy Grail of the marque. Produced in limited numbers, (400 blue, 400 red) it remains the most expensive MX5 pre MK3 model ever produced, due to the tremendous specification. It is based on the 1.8S and has air conditioning, hard top, full leather interior including door panels, Mazda body kit and boot spoiler, immobiliser system, limited slip differential, central locking, alloy wheels, wind deflector, front fog lamps, CD player, twin airbags, power steering, ABS, electric mirrors, central locking, interior wood kit and electric windows. This car has covered a mere 19000 miles with excellent service history in the hands of just 2 owners. Surely the ultimate MX5.

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